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P-o-o-l, oh how I have missed you

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

So today I went to this thing called a "p-o-o-l", it had walls, and water, and something called a "lane rope". The coach stood on deck and told us what to do, I think those were called "sets". But seriously, its been about 7 months since I've been in a pool since covid, they shut down here right around the time I bought this awesome t-shirt for motivation as I began to prep for heavy training leading into what was supposed to be a busy summer.

I was nervous I'd screw up the covid guidelines, but once I got the hang of things it was fine. The covid "19" weighed me down though, time to tidy up my eating plan a little lol. Appreciated stroke feedback, now I have 2 things to work on! I've never been so excited to stare down at a black line in my life, and to see friendly faces doing the same thing. Thanks B-Train for making my day!

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