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Section 1 - Picking Swims and Developing a Plan


Section 2 - Training Various Dimensions of Your Swim

In progress - new posts go up every week or two!!

Your Body

  • Swimming efficiency

  • Rethinking drill work

  • Dryland cross-training

  • Rehabilitating your body

  • Feeding the beast!

The Long Haul​

  • Learning your swim

  • Building distance

  • Developing endurance

  • Swimming on a tether

  • Random swim sets

Mother Nature's Wrath​

  • Wind and waves

  • Hot and cold

  • Darkness

  • Critters

  • Salt water

The Wavering Mind​

Section 3 - Gearing up for a Swim

  • Swimsuits, goggles, caps, ear plugs

  • Anti-chaffing products and application

  • Packing your gear up

  • Communicating needs to your support crew


Section 4 - During the Swim

  • Swimming next to a kayaker/boat

  • Feed and hydration plan

  • Bodily functions

  • Pain management


In 2022, I signed up for a series of swims as part of a personal challenge - to swim 100 kilometres or more of unassisted marathon swimming in a single season. You can read more about that here if you like! It became a good opportunity to document how I prepare myself for longer swims, in the event my practices and experiences as I move up in distances help others in their own preparations, regardless of whether they are signing up for their first 1km event or 10km marathon...or even more. 


I'm learning as I go, and input from others is always welcome, contact me with feedback or content suggestions!

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