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IISA ratified Ice Mile #3 (3 in 3!)

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

3 ice miles in 3 weeks, ratified by IISA

Thanks to the immeasurable support of friends and family, I've had an amazing month of ice swimming! Ice mile #3 is now ratified! I completed 3 ice miles within 22 days, along with an extreme ice km for good measure. A quick look through the history of IISA swim records worldwide shows that only a couple of people have ever swum that many ice miles in such a short window (unverified by IISA, just my observation), which made me grin from ear to ear. I feel fantastic!

Nov 11th, Lac Meech: air -8c, water 4.53c, 1.90km, 41:31

Nov 18th, Lac Meech, air -6, water 1.82c, 1.06km, 21:02

Nov 25th, Lake Ontario: air 6c, water 4.10c, 1,66km, 33:45

Dec 2nd, St Lawrence Seaway: air 4c, water 3.93c, 1.69km, 34:49

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