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Kingdom Games 2014 - 1 mile, Newport VT

I originally registered for the 10mile, and due to shoulder issues was going to drop out altogether, but hubby convinced me to race a shorter event to get a look see at how the longer ones are organized for next year. I went on a boat tour to learn the longer courses, and feel ready to get down to business for next year. Pretty awesome to have a husband that will drive 9 hours so I can race for 26mins and 54 secs. Dropped 0:01:52/km speed from my average time, despite an uncooperative crossways current. Came in 1st, love my handmade wooden medal.

That tiny hut with the red roof = Canadian border office. $10,000 penalty for not stopping your motorcraft to clear customs! And here's how you know you're at the Canadian border - trees are clear cut along the borderline, all the way up the hill on either side of the lake and straight through an island in the middle...

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