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Distance swim, 11km and then a big spider

Long training day, 11km = 1hr swim camp for drills, 3.5hrs at Britannia Beach 18C with video for analysis, 1+hr tiny tether pool 16C to top it off.

I've decided to train and treat myself under the assumption my swims will all happen next year. It's possible they will, it's possible they won't, it's irrelevant, I need goals to focus on. I've been deconstructing parts of my stroke, and rebuilding them. I'm finally starting to love my arm recovery, I even got a nice compliment during swim camp this morning.

On another note, as I lowered myself into my tiny pool, wondering why, despite a shower between Lowertown and Britannia, I was still smelling of BOTH chlorine and the Ottawa River, I noticed 3 icky spiders skittering across the surface of the water. Sucked it up, scooped them out, carried on. Although I did stop every 5-10 mins to make sure no new "friends" had joined me. I'm terrified of spiders, they creep me out big time. Less than sharks, more than beavers and skunks.

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