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Distance swim, 3km in 11.8C water and chop

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Up early to hit high tide, swam 3km in 30km (19miles)/hr winds in 11.8C water. Lots of low, hard chop. The wind kicked up even more around the middle of the swim and gave me some good rollers to practice with. I'm not even unhappy about the time it took, sure there was some faffing but mostly I was swimming against a wall of waves, so I earned it.

On the way back to shore I did a classic "Lizzie in San Francisco exit" in that the shallow waves pulled me back, I landed in the water on my bum, both feet up to the sky. I'm nothing if not entertaining to watch, it's a given I'll fall down at least once.

Water colour is brown because the red sand is loose and churned up by the waves, almost zero visibility. Maybe that's for the best. First time chocking on salt water (lake swimmer here!), and gagging it back up. Back home, I pulled seaweed and a 1-inch long creepy bug (think aquatic centipede) out of my suit afterwards. All in all, it was a pretty fun morning!

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