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Three posts on confidence, an important building block in your training.

Let's talk about fear. I'll let you in on a secret: I'm a little scared before pretty much every swim. That's right, scared. I'm a planner, an over-thinking, a worrier, give me a scenario and I'll go down every rabbit hole imaginable trying to think of what might go wrong with it. It serves my project management work life brilliantly, but my personal life not so much.

Learning to deal with shit that sucks. In 2018, I attempted a double crossing of Massawippi (30km), but pulled myself at 20km because my back hurt and I had messed up my feeds and was feeling really sick. I learned a lot of important things from my Massawippi DNF, but the suck was brutal and really stayed with me for a long time too. I had to find a way to distance myself from it, let go of its hold over my athletic identity.

Your own self-talk shapes your athletic identity. Feeling proud of yourself - on your own and without anyone else propping your ego up - is a really powerful way to build your own confidence from the inside out. Let me tell you about my first ever 200m ice swim.

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