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Bring on the Bay, Ottawa ON 2015 - swim angel, part 2

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Continued from earlier this week. Tonight we took part in the second swim angel training session, where angels and their swimmers met up to go over race details and practice swimming together in the water. Jeff walked us through the start, and gave us an idea of how the course was going to be layed out.

My assigned swimmer is a friend, and typically a strong swimmer, but due to foot surgery and little time to train back up, has been left feeling physically weaker, and anxious about the swim and the distance. We’ve swim together before, so we have a good feel for what will work well during tomorrow’s race. Together we looked at water entry, my positioning during the swim, and talked through some language around support needs vs signalling to exit the course. Ever the gracious friend, Diane even tolerated a quick pic for my post. We’re off to a good start then!

One of the best things about tonight was being with the entire group, and seeing the fruits of Jeff’s work – his passion for the sport and for launching this program will be making it possible for others to participate. A total of 6 people will be assisted by swim angels. Visually impaired swimmers will be tethered to their angel, a swimmer with cerebral palsy will have two dedicated escorts at her side, and those with water anxieties will be able to count in the encouragement and reassurance of their assigned angels. It was inspiring to see how people adapt themselves to their environment, and find a way to make the swim work. Tomorrow’s swim is going to be awesome!

Jeff and Erin, one of the swimmers, gave an interview on the CBC yesterday, check it out!

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