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When your mom is right about bilateral breathing...

Blerg, anyone else find it hard to admit that your mother was right after all? Day 4 of swim camp today, lots of great feedback (thanks coach Fiona!), and much of it stuff I've noticed from the videotaping we've been doing as well: head too high, hand wandering upwards at entry especially on the left, overreaching especially on my breathing side as I reach forward after a breath.

I only have one breathing side, to my right, despite my mum's gentle nagging as a kid to bilateral breathe...shoulders sore? Well you should be bilateral breathing. Neck tight? Why aren't you bilateral breathing. Coming down with a cold? I told you to bilateral breathe. Defiant, I refused. But as I've increased distance over the years, I've really started to notice imbalances in my stroke and in muscle tightness across my body, and now the gently nagging also comes from my massage therapist (looking at my posture from behind, "so I see we're still breathing to the right then?").

The feedback I got today is that same I often get in swim analysis, and know needs to change, yet I can't seem to incorporate these changes easily, which can be discouraging. But I'm starting to think mom may have been right. Pretty sure bilateral breathing would even out the work both sides of my shoulders are doing, and correct my arm entry, which would make the other elements a little easier to focus on. Small changes, but lots or work to implement them.

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