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Virtual Dandy - 2.3 miles of walking

It’s the first day of the Virtual Dandy, and we’re up and moving! The Dandy is a run that fundraises for Umbrella organization in NEK, in memory of Terri Weed (story below). But because of covid, it’s turned into a virtual walk/run/bike/swim.

The story behind the Dandy touched Memphre’s heart too, and she asked if she could join me. “Of course, pickle”, I said, but truthfully wasn’t sure she’d actually follow through. Sometimes she’s like that. But I was relaxing with my coffee this morning when she came in from the backyard and handed me a little bouquet of bright yellow dandelions. I thanked her and asked why she’d picked them, she replied with a smile, “I’m really excited for today. Also, I feel bad for you because I’m beating you already”. She’d gotten up early and taken the dog for a walk through the neighbourhood, 2.3 miles in the bag before the crack of dawn. I best get my act in gear! If you’d like to sponsor us, let me know, we’re each signed up for 15 miles over the next 8 days. Also, it’s never too late sign up on your own!

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