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Solid training weekend, chilly + long(ish)

My training didn't quite work out how I planned it this weekend, thanks to fatigue and other effects from my covid shot last week, but it was still good. I came away from it happy. I'm slowly building up distance, but also looking for other ways to exhaust and rebuild my endurance at the same time. The idea was to swim late at night, sleep overnight, then wake up early and do another one, so stacking swims. But late evening didn't happen, so I reconfigured the sequence.

1hr in the sea (13.9C) Saturday afternoon

1 hr in the tank (14C) Sunday morning

1.5hrs in the sea (11.7C) Sunday afternoon

These swims were for time, not distance. For the sea swim, I set up buoys in a rectangular configuration. What else was I training? Motivation to get it done even if I didn't want to, ways to deal with and accept boredom, fear of sea swimming with zero visibility because the waves had churned up the sand, being a little further from shore than I'm used to, chilly acclimatization. Goals met.

The snack cup = peanut butter cheesecake (keto), had a bite at each kilometre. Damn it was good, but hated getting out to grab it, will have to set up a floating feed station out on the water. Woot woot a new project!!

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