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Stuck inside thanks to Covid, so here's some memories...

Being stuck inside for a bit ain’t all bad, the rest is doing me good. Posting my fav pics of fun times I’ve had, and will have again soon. Hope this brightens your feed a little Devashish 😊

  • Prescott with Aimee

  • Competing 25m drew with Richie

  • Relay with the Crazy Canucks

  • Team Canada at winter swim

  • Robbie took my fav pic of Memphre

  • I designed a “nice ice” swimsuit!!

  • Snow angels cause there was no safe entry to swim

  • Pic of myself at gym, reminder of how far I’ve come

  • Hand paddles from when I was a kid

  • Pic I sent to Katharine to show her how much my bum hangs out of a new suit I bought, yeah that’s right I thought it was really funny and had to share it with someone 😊😊😊 (ha! made you look, stop staring at my bum!!)

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