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Meeting Susan Simmons!

Happy New Year’s! Spent a fun day in Pointe Claire hanging out with Diane Harper and Susan Simmons 🧜‍♀️ Susan and I have been fb friends for years, but never had the chance to meet until now as she lives on the west coast. I’ve admired her guts and determination from afar; she swims in open water as a way to control her multiple sclerosis, takes on wonderful and incredible challenges in her local waterways, and brings focus and support to other people and places she’s passionate about - supporting First Nations communities, coaching developmentally disabled swimmers, raising environmental awareness, to name a few.

Did I mention she was nominated for World Open Water Swim Association (WOWSA) award? We couldn’t find open water to swim in, but had fun splashing around the shoreline, enjoyed a nice lunch together with her family, and talked about our cold water experiences, the importance of experiencing failure as a catalyst for evolving as an athlete, and local pools as the new community “church”. Heart is full ❤️ Read about Susan’s adventures swimming through the Great Bear Rainforest here:

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