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Jaimie Monahan, do something everyday that scares you

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

"I've swum the seven seas, I've swum in Antarctica in freezing waters, and I've swum polar ice miles. Why? Because I want to continue challenging myself and do something that scares me every day."

Jaimie Monahan is an ultramarathon and ice swimmer from New York City who has completed open water swimming on all seven continents. Jaimie holds two Guinness World Records and has been voted the World Open Water Swimming Association's Woman of the Year for the past two consecutive years. She is a cold-water swimmer and has represented the United States in over 30 countries as a seven-time US national champion in winter swimming and the inaugural winner of the International Winter Swimming Association’s World Cup. She is the world's first female “Ice Zero” swimmer under the IISA, the first person in history to complete an ice mile on all Seven Continents and has succeeded in the “Ice Sevens Challenge”.

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