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IISA ratified Ice Mile #2

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

What's more awesome than achieving a special goal? Doing it on the same day as the person who showed you it was actually possible in the first place!!! In the early hours of Nov 25th, I drove up to Mississauga for a chance to jump in to the water for another mile. Kat arranged for a crew to guide me, and shore support for afterwards. We started at different times, swam different routes and even crossed paths in the water at one point, I was tempted to stop and high-five her but I figured she might get pissed off.

Kat made us see this was all possible, she organized, encouraged, celebrated. And Canada jumped from 2 to 7 ice miles in a season, surpassing Austria and New Zealand, pretty awesome!!! Thanks Kat, not sure I would have realized this was possible without your encouragement. Find your tribe, love 'em hard!!!

Youtube video: start, middle, finish

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