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Careful how you sit when enjoying your coffee in the water after a swim

You know how some swims help you grow and learn as a person? Well today was no exception, but not for any reason I ever would have thought all that important. Today I learned that if you’re going to sit waist-deep in water to enjoy your post-swim morning coffee, straddling a large rock that’s submerged about a foot under the waterline, you best do it keeping your legs closed so that a little fish doesn’t flop mercilessly around about an inch away from your nether parts. Not once, but twice, and in quick enough succession so that they were only about 2-3 seconds between each of my startled screams.

Why did he venture there, you might wonder? I know, I’m curious too. Was he drawn in by my new colourful swim suit (photo below for reference), or the lure of my pale pasty white legs (no photo, I’ll leave that one to your imagination)? In retrospect, it’s likely that I was resting my shiny silver coffee travel mug on the rock between my knees, that has to be it, he assumed heading towards the light would be good thing. I probably scared him as much as he scared me, I thought, as I quickly stood up to avoid further mayhem near my lady parts, and moved away from the rocks closer to friends for protection.

A couple of minutes went by, and surprise - I felt something brush my bum, which again was the cause of another scream. This time, he was probably enticed by the colourful pink swim cap and silver-lined goggles I had stuffed into the bum cheek seam of the swimsuit for safekeeping while I drank my coffee. Message received, I turned and headed for shore, taking this to be a good and proper signal that my morning was done. So yeah, careful how you sit when enjoying your coffee in the water after a swim. Britannia, 3.2km

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