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Finis Duo MP3

FYI for anyone considering a Finis Duo MP3 to keep you entertained on solo training swims - check carefully what iteration of the model you get. I’ve worn mine only 4-5 times (thanks to covid and no long pool swims) and it’s no longer working, the points at which the cord connect are broken at both ends and wires are exposed. Great unit, bad design.

I actually bought 2 of these over the Christmas holidays, same model number, same supplier, separate orders, one for my dad (shipped to NS, top one in the first pic) and one for me (shipped to ON, bottom one). But we each got slightly different ones, look carefully at the points where the wire connects, they aren’t the same, his seems to have improvements to the design that strengthen the weak point where mine broke (hard plastic extends further). Calling Finis in the morning, I have no doubt they will replace it.

Dad’s is just fine. Also doesn’t hurt that he hacked his a bit, he roughed up the surface a little at the connection points using fine sandpaper and applied a two-part epoxy glue around the area to strengthen it. My luck, I’d glue all 5 fingers together by accident.

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