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Distance swim, foiled by a curious seal!

You hardy sea swimmers can just skip this post, ok? Lake swimmer here, but I'm learning.

It was a sunny but chilly morning, water 10c air 6c, so it took me a bit to get in. Decided to do some heads up free, so that could enjoy watching the sun sparkling on the surface of the water. About 500m into the swim, I noticed a dark figure about 200m off from where I was.

My immediate thought was hey, how did another swimmer get out here? Followed quickly by, he's covered head to toe in neoprene, maybe it's a diver? Then I realized it was an aquatic critter and I bolted back to shore. But...I didn't get out, I just watched. Pretty sure it was a seal, I can't make out much from a distance without my glasses, but I saw shoulders and a snout, 100% sure of that.

Can seals pull a swimmer under and drag them out to sea, I wondered? Would he try to eat me? I am round and probably pretty tasty. He dipped under and resurfaced a couple more times, and then he was gone. I managed another 700m, before I realized I just couldn't focus on the swim because my fears kinda took over. But I was proud that I kept going a bit, because I'm not used to water with critters in it. Guess I'll be finishing today's training in the tank. That last 700m, also heads up freestyle...

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