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Distance swim, 4.8km at Dieppe Aquatic & Sports Centre

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Think I just found my new home away from home. Lap swims anyhow, sadly no masters club anymore. But the pool will let me book up to 4 consecutive 1-hour swim blocks if I want, woot woot. Water is a little warm, but I'll live. Super friendly people!

4 x 1,000m sets, 30 secs rest in between

#1 - 19:09, #2 - 19:04, #3 - 19:10, #4 - 19:25

Followed by 800m cool down, total of 4.8km

Focused on consistent pace, hand entry on train tracks, long glide, early vertical forearm. Was aiming for 5, but got a little winded at 4 and didn't want to drop my stroke. I really love pace work, especially km sets. Starting to feel like my old self again. I'm hungie now!

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