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Did you register us for winter swim yet?

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Memphré: "Did you register us for winter swim yet?"

Me: "No, I'm getting to it, a little later ok?"

Memphré: "But we need to register soon or we won't get a spot."

Me: "We'll get a spot don't worry, Phil will hold one for us. Besides, it's a virtual event this year, lots of room for everyone! And, Memphremagog is literally your home, of course you're invited to the party!"

Memphré: "But if he doesn't know we're joining the chilly swimmie tribe fun this year too, he won't know to save us a spot. I miss everyone so much, I want to see everyone's jammies and blow them all kisses on the computer since we can't be together this year."

Me, feeling a little shitty: Drops everything, grabs laptop and digs into purse for wallet.

Me: "Sorry about that pickle, we're all registered now. All better?"

Memphré: "Send him the selfie I took ok, so he remembers me. Also can you pick me up some Barr Hill vodka too? Don't worry I won't overdo it this time, probably."

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