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Chilly swim, taking footage for feedback

This morning was the perfect day for a little self-care, which we all need sometimes. The sun was shining, air is warm, barely any wind. Doggo and I went for a walk along the beach, then later I jumped in for a swim. My training pool still isn't set up yet, one one of the support bars popped out of the frame and I didn't notice while it was filling, so we have to empty and start over again. But first, gotta wait for a hose adapter to arrive by mail to be able to empty it properly. Swim training will be delayed a bit, I'm afraid.

So in the sea I went. I needed to take some footage for coach Shannon, so we can do technique feedback sessions starting next week, but I gotta tell ya, with 1.8C water, can't say my stroke felt all that smooth or controlled, or whether I was even rotating or not. Plus, it's been so long since I've been able to swim at all, who knows what my abilities are right now! But it was deeeevine. Water was like silk, the sun was shining, and I picked up a ton of pretty seashells to bring back to the house.

Oh yeah, technique. Look at that front cross-over in my arm stroke. I'm so sure I'm not doing it while I'm in the water, but bam, there it is on video for all (including coach Shannon) to see. Gotta fix that. Atrocious, right?!?

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