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Boule with rosemary & olives

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

I arrived in Nova Scotia 9 days ago, and am quarantining in my sister’s apartment so that I can finally visit family. I’m using this as an opportunity to try new things, since I’m alone and have time on my hands, so I came prepared with baking supplies I knew she wouldn’t have.

Today I made a keto boule, a lovely little bread loaf with rosemary and olives. I was SO excited watching it bake and rise, and even though I worried the coconut flour might lend a sweetness to the bread, it doesn’t. I used olives that were stuffed with jalapeños for a little spice. Recipe is super easy, the result is pretty impressive! Texture is a very nice density but without any gumminess. I bet it would be killer toasted, buttered, and smoked Gouda melted on top. Happy girl!

More on my Keto swim journey here.

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