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Distance swim, 30 km this week!

Pancakes for supper (keto), well deserved: just finished a 30km swim training week! A mix of swim camp with Techno, drop-in club swims with B-Train, open water at Britannia, and my tiny backyard tether pool. Why? Why not, I'm preparing for future goals. Yes, it may not be possible to keep up this distance over the winter as pool access is still limited. So what, this past week was amazing, and its only the first week in a new training block (I plan in 4-week cycles). I challenged myself, I corrected a few things, each day I completed whatever I set out to do - which is not easy for me, I have had a hard time following through sometimes in the past.

I pulled into the driveway after swim practice today, got out of the car in nothing but my swimsuit, and went straight to the backyard to do my final km. Although, I am starting to wonder what the neighbors think, they see me half naked a lot (clarification: it's always swimming related). So pancakes for me, yay! What's next as we head into week 2? Correcting high head position!

the deeper hand entry I'm looking for, and I'm still over-reaching a bit at the in progress.

EDIT: shoulders feel great, turns out my lats were really tight, pulling down on my shoulders. Problem solved.

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