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Finding Swim Events

Note: always check the event website to confirm date and location of swims, sometimes stuff changes.

Know of a great swim we should add to the list? Send me a message!

OPEN WATER SWIMMING (includes marathon)


Canada              United States




longswimsDB - link to all events from database (organizer data found in links)

Major Channels

​English Channel - Channel Swimming Association, Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation

Catalina Channel - Catalina Channel Swimming Federation

Strait of Gibraltar - Asociación Cruce a Nado del Estrecho de Gibraltar

North Channel - Irish Long Distance Swimming Association

Kaiwi Channel - Molokai Channel Swimmers Association

Cook Strait - Cook Strait Swim

Tsugaru Channel - Ocean Navi


Australian Triple Crown

California Triple Crown

New Zealand Triple Crown

Oceans Seven

Toughest Thirteen

Triple Crown

Triple Crown of Monster Lake Swims

Memphré - Lac Memphremagog Kingdom Games - In Search of Memphre

Nessie - Loch Ness British Long Distance Swimming Federation King's Swimmers

Tahoe Tessie - Lake Tahoe Lake Tahoe Marathon Swimming

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