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Training swim sets - lactate threshold

Compound set #1

1km @ 10km pace

2km @ marathon pace

rest 1 min


Compound set #2

1km @ 5km pace

2km @ 10km pace

3km @ marathon pace

rest 1 min



5km, as:

1km @ marathon pace

1km @ 5km pace

500km @ light pace


lactate threshold is the maximum speed your body can sustsin at an aerobic intensity.
raising lacta threshold = faster and fitter

Threshold training involves swimming at a pace that will improve your lactate threshold speed, which will result in speed increases in distance swimming. distance swimming isnt about being the fastest, but rather a decent average speed. 

swimming at a slightly lower intensity and less rest between sets, to improve lactate threshold, train at this pace or slighty below it (faster)

It's generally thought that differences between a sprinter and distance swimmer are genetic. Fast and slow twitch fibers differe greatly in lactate production. Sprinters have more fast twitch fibers, and produce greater power and lactate as a byproduct. Distance swimmers have more slow twitch fibers, which do not make a lot of acid due to the aerobic nature of the muscle fibers and do not fatigue easily.

The more a swimmer practices doing lactate sets, the better they will become. 


Lactate builder

12 - 16

100m [2minutes] hard

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