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Training swim sets

In 2021, I signed up for a series of swims as part of a personal challenge - to swim 100 kilometres or more of unassisted marathon swimming in a single season. You can read more about that here if you like! It became a good opportunity to document how I prepare myself for longer swims, in the event my practices and experiences help others in their own preparation. I'm learning as I go.

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This post is about one of my new FAVOURITE topics - virtual swim coaching!


Does virtual coaching work? Yes, yes it does...provided you find the right fit for your needs. I started searching for a local swim coach in 2019 to help me plan training for longer swim goals, but gave up because I couldn't find anyone with marathon swimming experience in my area. It took another year or so for me to realize that virtual swim coaching was even a thing. It's made a big difference for me, and it could be useful no matter what distance swim event you're training for, so I asked my swim coach if she'd be willing to let me share how it works and what we do. Here we go...

Meet Shannon Keegan! Shannon is an accomplished marathon swimmer, based out of Oregon (USA). She's the founder of Intrepid Water Adventure Swimming, an open water and marathon swimming coaching service to help people in their swimming journeys. Check out the blog on her website, lots of interesting content to read. Shannon also hosts Marathon Swim Stories, a regular podcast where she explores what makes swimmers do what they do, how they do it, why they do it.

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